Great News!

We’ve got some great news everyone – you can now listen to us on a real podcasting platform!

Going forward we’ll be posting all our episodes to our feed on Click here to find us, or download the app to subscribe. Use in your podcatcher. Hopefully we will soon be up on other platforms (stay tuned!). Episodes will continue to be available on the website for now.

Also in the great news department – we have a brand new episode! In this episode we’re taking a step back to look at why we’re doing this project and who we are as readers. We delve deep into our own stories of becoming better readers and some of the early reads that pushed us along in our journey through fiction and liberation.

Our intention is to become more intentional with this project. With that in mind, we’ve set out a schedule to have new episodes out every couple months. We’ll be keeping roughly the same format but with lots of new ideas for content ranging from fiction and climate change to Isabel Allende’s vision of freedom, to our many feelings about John Steinbeck and Dionne Brand.

We’re super excited to do more with this project, so please take a listen, like us, and share! Also, check out our cool new logo

Liberating Libraries



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